adidas Skateboarding presents Law Of The Seas

adidas Skateboarding just dropped another great video Law of the Seas. Silas Baxter-Neal, Shin Sanbongi and Dennis Durrant head out to the land down under to link up with fellow Australian and Japanese team riders. Watch as the teams unite over seas to rip up the Sydney streets.

Featuring the following skaters: Dennis Durrant, Kai Kishi, Jae Overton, Billy Lukins, Brad Saunders, Gary Almeida, Hiroki Muraoka, Issey Kumatani, Justice Reid, Kento Yoshioka, Shin Sanbongi , Silas Baxter Neal, Tom Snape, Vanessa Miles, Laurence Keefe, Yoshiaki Toeda, Adam Davies, Sean Parker, Phil Marshall, and Levi Jarvis.

Filmed by: Leigh Bolton & Joel Lumbroso
Photos by: Dave Chami, Sam Coady, & Riely Walker
Music by: @_button_pusha_

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Authored by: RJ

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