Burton Open: World’s Best Heading Back to Vail Mountain

Burton Open: World’s Best Heading Back to Vail Mountain

From February 24th to the 29th the world’s best snowboarders will be at Vail Mountain in Colorado vying for halfpipe and slopestyle titles. The 38th annual Burton Open is the world’s longest-running snowboard event. In addition to watching some of the best snowboarders in the world, the event includes concerts, parties, giveaways, and all ages fun on and off the mountain.

The slopestyle course, designed with rider feedback, includes a series of straightforward, urban-style rails designed to provide options for gaps, transfers, and other tricks.

Urban Rails and Wall Ride

This year’s event also promises to shake-up halfpipe in a big way. the course will start with a 13-foot minipipe, with 6-foot tombstones, transitioning into a standard 22-footer. Rollers on the left and right sides where the mini and full-sized pipes meet, will allow riders to catch air as the transition from each section. The course has been designed to reinforce the importance of creativity, style and skill.

Halfpipe course

The full event schedule is now online.

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