Chip Foster Reclaims Iconic, Eponymous Brand: Chip & Pepper

Chip Foster Reclaims Iconic, Eponymous Brand: Chip & Pepper

Press Release/PRNewswire: Chip Foster, the original cofounder of Chip & Pepper has announced today he has bought back the iconic denim apparel known and loved by the snowboard, ski, surf and skateboard community. They exploded on the scene in 1987 with Chip & Pepper Wet Wear, the first skate and surf lifestyle brand in Canada. Shortly after they launched a series on NBC, including comedy skits, celebrity interviews, and vintage cartoon screenings. Chip & Pepper’s message is one that still rings true in today’s world, and they are ready to reconnect with consumers of all ages… all over again. As Chip is reunited with his former brainchild and 80’s adored fashion line, new and exciting opportunities are on the horizon for this timeless brand.

Inspired by life and created for the young-hearted, Chip & Pepper is new-age vintage with a carefree attitude, described lovingly as sexy and authentic. In fact, its motto ever since its inception has always been “Young and Free.” As a leader in the denim market, the line is known and admired for capturing the spirit of Southern California culture, while also consistently delivering high-end quality. Offering high-end designer details and the best fabrics, Chip & Pepper continues a tradition of vintage styling with a modern fit.

“The Chip & Pepper brand has defined culture, but it has also defined my entire life. I really have the feeling I have bought my soul back. And now we’re going to bring that soul back into the brand as well!” Foster stated. This classic brand is ready to steal back the hearts of many long lost fans, and they’re taking the newer age with them. As Chip has said before, “Sometimes staying as true as possible to a brand’s heritage is the most powerful way to connect with die-hard fans on an emotional level.”

With a history of successful reinvention, and under the vision of its founding father, armed with his team of fashion industry veterans, Chip & Pepper is ready for a significant re-launch. With a culturally relevant heritage brand narrative, executive team, and a licensing fleet, this re-launch is expected to revolutionize the classic brand. Through this exciting new journey, Chip & Pepper is ready to create new retail partnership opportunities, as well as new manufacturing and licensing partnership opportunities.

Chip & Pepper’s mission is to produce innovative, versatile and durable products that enhance the everyday. California lifestyle has been the driving force behind our brand since 1985. Chip & Pepper emphasizes quality and effortlessly embodies the California lifestyle.


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