London Surf Film Festival 2019 Trailer

One of the coolest events in the UK is the annual London Surf Film Festival. Below is a description of the event and a trailer of what to expect

The Annual London Surf / Film Festival is the UK’s largest celebration of contemporary surf culture bringing to these shores the very best surf films from around the globe – a hand picked line up of must-see premieres to inspire, excite & entertain while redefining the parameters of possibility. As a result, the festival has become a must attend for surfers from the 4 corners of our island.

Now in its 9th year, we’ve grown the event organically, working with some of the most exciting surf filmmakers from across the globe, hosting packed out premieres and audiences with some of the most inspiring names in surfing. In 2018 we were stoked to welcome surf icon Rob Machado to the festival to present the UK Premiere of Momentum Generation plus a host of award winning filmmakers including Andrew Kaineder.

For many of the films we showcase at London Surf / Film Festival, it will be the only chance you’ll get to watch them as they were intended to be enjoyed – on the big screen, in surround sound, accompanied by a packed crowd of likeminded individuals. Surf movie releases have always been community happenings – the original “social media” experience and that is exactly what the LS/FF is all about.

For more information on the London Surf Film Festival or for tickets visit their website. Visit the Frontsider Surf Page daily for the latest surfing news online and surfing news articles.

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