Massive Win: Skateboarding and the Olympics

Massive Win: Skateboarding and the Olympics

Ever since the days of Tony Hawk Pro Skater, it’s been a battle for skateboarding to gain ground and respect as a mainstream sport. Over the years skateboarding has slid along the edges of a concrete border backed by nothing short of difficulties when it comes to getting ahead of the curve.

As one of the five sports added for the 2020 Summer Olympics, skateboarding is set to make its long-awaited debut as an Olympic sport in Tokyo, Japan. Action sports continue to edge their way into the map of the modern-day and it’s well-known that the skateboarding community has been jumping through hoops to attain a level of exposure similar to fellow sports such as football, basketball and baseball. Ironically, the time has come and people in the skating community are pissed.

Time for some food for thought. Rather than scowl, why not give kudos that skateboarding is no longer being treated as a substandard recreational hobby and is now incorporated into the most prestigious event in the world of sports? Whereas previously the lack of inclusivity sparked debate, why not celebrate that a once tenacious terrain is now fair grounds for growth?

Let’s talk about the tourism that will be flooding through Tokyo and spending massive yen to catch a glimpse of what is set to be a spectacular Olympic debut. As reported in The Japan Times, skateboarding at the 2020 Summer Olympics will be held at Aomi Urban Sports Venue in Tokyo and the park will be open to the general public to skate in the midst of the long-awaited Olympian spectacle. Therefore, the skateboarding community will be acknowledged, revered and celebrated as part of a massive revenue stream, opportunity for exposure and the growth of influence (aka a triple whammy). Plus, youth skateboarders will be gloating at the school lunch table about the opportunity to skate around on the same Olympic turf as their heroes. Through becoming a sport added to the 2020 Summer Olympics, skateboarding is being afforded the platform to stimulate economic growth and become a more profitable mainstream sport. The natural desired next step, right?

“I like the idea. I would of been super honored to represent the USA, the competition is good and it’s a great tradition. In the long run many more people will want to skate only giving skating more power, power we desperately need to control the activity, hopefully making sure we try and emphasize having fun and getting out of the house” – Frankie Hill

On the flip side, the 2020 Summer Olympics will be televised and streamed online. Therefore, every and all walks of life will be introduced to the world of rails and ramps which will create a positive impression, the development of curiosity for people to engage in the sport, and it will provide a positive influence on mainstream youth. Through the addition of broadcast partners, advertising opportunities and social engagement across the board, this is nothing short of a win for the community.

Authored by: Jessica Golich

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