Paul Schmitt – The Nine Club With Chris Roberts

Skateboard daily news covers a wide range of topics from new video parts to new products coming down the pipe. Every week Chris Roberts hosts a special guest including some existing and future skateboarding legends. This week The Nine Club welcomed a different kind of legend that has had a huge impact on the skateboarding industry but from behind the scenes. Welcome Paul Schmitt (aka Professor) who’s been at the forefront of skateboard design since the 1980’s.

Paul Schmitt is known for designing boards for Schmitt Stix and Vision Skateboards early in his career. He then went on to create The New Deal with Andy Howell and Steve Douglas. These days he’s still designing decks for some big companies and donating his time to Create-A-Skate. Enjoy one of the most intriguing guests that’s ever been interviewed on The Nine Club.

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Authored by: RJ

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