Powell-Peralta Introduces Cool Ways to Pass the Time

Powell-Peralta Introduces Cool Ways to Pass the Time

Looking for ways to pass the time during self-isolation? Powell-Peralta has some things to keep us busy!

They have released their first six skate videos for free on Youtube! These classics include the iconic The Search for Animal Chin. What better way to pass the time and take your mind of the current state of affairs than joining in the eternal search for Animal Chin?

Search for Animal Chin from the comfort of your home!

Powell-Peralta is also helping us keep our creative juices flowing by offering a downloadable colorway to print, color, and share on Instagram. By using the #mypowellperaltacolorway you can also connect with others. By doing this, Powell-Peralta is creating an opportunity for us to connect on-line even as we practice social distancing and isolation.

Downloadable Colorway

Whatever you do, stay safe, listen to health professionals, and follow the guidelines for social distancing and isolation. We’re all in this (separately) together!

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