The 2019 Taiwan Open of Surfing is Set to Kick Off November 23rd

The 2019 Taiwan Open of Surfing is Set to Kick Off November 23rd

Press Release – TAIPEI, Taiwan: Entering the 9th consecutive year, the 2019 Taiwan Open Of Surfing will take place on November 23rd for 15 days at Jinzun, Donghe Township, attracting over 300 athletes from 28 countries to attend the competition.

Dual championships will be held featuring the Longboarding and Junior Championships. Taitung County Government is continuing in another year of cooperation with the World Surfing League (WSL) to host two of the four major events, which consist of the World Longboard Championship, and Junior Championship.

The QS3000 Men’s Shortboard Competition has also been added, which continues to increase the scope of competitions that are held in Jinzun. The number of athletes who will come to Taitung to compete has reached an all-time high and has transformed the Taiwan Open of Surfing into the largest international surfing event in Taiwan.

In order to encourage the most participation from Taiwanese athletes, the grand prize has been nearly doubled – increasing from NT$250,000 to NT$400,000. The grand prize this year breaks the record for the largest cash prize of any surfing-related event ever held in Taiwan.

Taitung County Government has also pointed out that in addition to hosting the competitions, other events have been added to increase the exchange between foreign and domestic surfers. For the first time, in coordination with WSL PURE, the event “Marine Resources Education Experience” will let the public enjoy the exciting surfing competition and learn about environmental awareness related to marine resources. In cooperation with local industries, a “surfing market” and “surfing fun” activities will also be featured. Those attending can enjoy some local cuisine and make an appointment to try SUP.

The County Government has emphasized that this event will feature some of the top surfers from around the world. These include global CT competition champions, wildcard surfers, some of the top 100 globally ranked surfers, and other top performers preparing for the 2024 and 2028 Olympics.

The 2019 Taiwan Open of Surfing will be the most exciting event yet. Come and enjoy the athletes battling it out on the water, DIY activities, and a lot more while at the same time enjoying the relaxed style of Taitung.

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