The Cigarette Surfboard is Starting an Important Conversation About the Health of our Oceans.

Cigarette butts, full of toxic chemicals and forms of plastics. They never decompose and continue to be a major environmental issue that adversely impacts the health of our oceans and the aquatic life within them. To tackle this issue, surfer and musician Jack Johnson has teamed up with designer Taylor Lane and Filmmaker Ben Judkins to develop a cigarette surfboard. Through this work, they’ve not only started an important conversation to help educate about the impacts of this specific form of littering, but also opened the doors for a broader cultural conversation about our habits and their impacts on the health of our oceans.

Over at the cigarette surfboard site, you can see how the project came to be, learn about the boards unique design and manufacturing process, and explore ways you can support this work, including the documentary about this important campaign.

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