Vans Announces 2020 Hi-Standard Snow Series Tour Dates

Vans Announces 2020 Hi-Standard Snow Series Tour Dates

Vans has announced the return of its annual international snowboard Hi-Standard Series. Set to kick off in Canada before making its way around the world, the tour will feature riders of all ages from all over the world.

The open-jam format promises to be fun and creative. The Hi-Standard series will include stops in China, South Korea, Russia, Italy, and North America. Each event will include a big air session with participants solely judged on individual style (no inverts or spins over 720 allowed). The format will tap into rider creativity with awards for the most innovative riders showcasing style and originality.

With more than $50k in cash and prizes, this inclusive series will also showcase riders from the Vans global team at each stop. Competitors and fans will have an opportunity to witness their favorite riders from the Vans global snow team. The Hi-Standard Series will also allow visitors and competitors to customize their own Vans as each stop and will include a pop-up House of Vans workshop.

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