Vans Launches Autism Awareness Campaign

Vans Launches Autism Awareness Campaign

Vans is no stranger to designing shoes with a social cause and in its newest campaign it sets its sights on autism awareness. While many companies have done things related to autism awareness, the new Vans line is unique in a few key ways.

Autism Awareness ComfyCush Old Skool

The first unique thing about the new line, which includes adult and children shoes and some shirts, is that it has been designed with sensory-inclusive elements. These elements include a more muted and calm color pallet and detailing that is mindful of the sense of touch.

The second interesting thing about the new line is that it is being done in partnership with the International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards. Because of this partnership a portion of the proceeds will go towards A.skate Foundation, which works to introduce skateboarding to autistic children. Vans has also pledged a commitment of $100,000 to the foundation – sales aside.

Kids Autism Awareness ComfyCush New Skool

The line will be available online and in retail stores this month. The shoes retail for around $50 USD, with shirts starting at $24 USD.

Autism Awareness Apparel

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